We are an AQA accredited examination provider that delivers courses to suit your busy lifestyle.


NEW: enrol for our GCSE revision catch up classes starting in October from £200.0 for 10 weeks.


Having good GCSE and A Level results is essential to get into sixth form, college, university, or a stepping stone into your ideal workplace.

Whether you want to re-sit your exams or want to gain those crucial qualifications for university or career advancement, we can help you achieve your goals.

We understand that life does not always fit the 9 to 5 routine so we provide opportunities for learners to design their own education programme.


We are the only Education Centre in Carlisle to offer English and maths A level courses and Fast Track GCSE and A Levels.

We offer AQA accredited Fast Track GCSEs and A levels as well as 1 year and 2 year courses. We also offer exams and resits for private candidates.

Our tried and tested Fast Track courses are ideal if you have good subject knowledge or relevant experience and would like to gain your qualification quickly. We are the first exam centre in the region to develop these courses and set the standard for others to follow.

Our distance learning options are perfect if you wish to learn from home with the support of a teacher. If you find it difficult to travel to the centre, or you need to study during unsociable hours, this option is ideal for you. For more information about any of our courses please contact us on 01228 830831. 


The results are now in for JUNE 2020:

GCSE English Language 100% pass rate grades between 5-9

GCSE English Literature 100% pass rate grades between 4-9

GCSE Mathematics 75% pass rate grades between 4-9

GCSE Biology 100% pass rate grades between 4-9

A Level Maths 100% grades between A-C

That is not to mention all the successful pass rates of our contractual students at other educational schools and our tuition students and home educated students, who once again excelled with grades ranging from 4-9.

On average we have raised the potential of our students by 2 or 3 levels.


Our Services

  • Homeschool your children with our experts
  • One year GCSE courses plus examinations
  • One year A-level courses plus examinations
  • 8 week GCSE Fast Track Maths and English GCSEs plus examinations in November
  • Examination only bookings
  • Private tuition at home or in our Education Centre
  • Classroom-based tuition or distance learning
  • Educational services
  • Consultancy  

Call us on 01228 830831 to secure your place.




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