GCSE English Language

Develop skills needed to read, understand, and analyse a wide range of texts.

Course Information (AQA 8700)

Duration:  Approx 32 Weeks

Cost: YR 10  £1650.00 including exam (1.5hrs a week)

Cost: YR 11 £1750.00 including exam (2 hrs a week)

Entry Requirements

There are no formal entry requirements. However, a good basic level of literacy is expected within reading and writing.

Course Content

Our courses have been designed to inspire and motivate you to reach your full potential. We provide appropriate exercises to suit your ability level and help you stretch and challenge yourself. You will be invited into a world of imagination as your study 19th, 20th and 21st century authors and creative writing. You will engage with fiction and non-fiction texts spanning three centuries to stimulate your mind; allowing you to engage critically and analytically with the text. You will develop higher-order reading and critical thinking skills that encourage genuine

enquiry into different topics and themes.

Method of Study

You will attend class each week - where you will work alone or collaboratively with your fellow students, in which you will engage in stimulating discussions and classroom-based exercises to support your development and learning. You will also be required to complete work at home independently.  

Method of Assessment - Examination Based

You will be required to sit two examinations. You will complete two equally balanced papers.

Paper 1, Explorations in Creative Reading and Writing (50% of your overall grade)

This paper looks at how writers use narrative and descriptive techniques to engage the interest of readers. 

Paper 2, Writers' Viewpoints and Perspectives (50% of your overall grade) 

Looks at how different writers present a similar topic over time.

In addition to sitting two examinations you will need to complete a non-examination unit. Spoken language. 

Our approach to spoken language (previously speaking and listening) will emphasise the importance of the wider benefits that speaking and listening skills have for students. The endorsed unit will draw on good practice to suggest how engaging formative tasks can lead to a single summative assessment.

Please note: one year courses are intensive and require independent study and research.

What Can I Do Next?

This vital GCSE is your gateway to a successful tomorrow. Attaining this qualification will allow you to progress onto further As/A Level English courses, apprenticeships, colleges and universities, and provide you with better job and promotion prospects.  

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