GCSE Psychology

A fascinating journey through the hows and whys of human behaviour.

Course Information (AQA 8182)

Fast Track Duration: 30 Weeks

Type: Part Time

Cost: £950 including exam

Entry Requirements

In order to develop your skills, knowledge and understanding in psychology, you need to have been taught, and demonstrate competence, to select and apply mathematical methods relevant to research methods in psychology. 

Course Content

Our new GCSE Psychology course offers an engaging and comprehensive introduction to psychology. With a clear and straightforward layout, as well as refreshed and contemporary content, we make it clear what you need to study within each topic.

You will be expected to:

  • demonstrate knowledge and understanding of psychological ideas, processes, procedures and theories
  • analyse and evaluate psychological ideas, information, processes and procedures
  • make judgements, draw conclusions and produce developments or refinements of psychological procedures based on your reasoning and synthesis of skills
  • evaluate therapies and treatments including in terms of their appropriateness and effectiveness
  • show how psychological knowledge and ideas change over time and how these inform our understanding of behaviour
  • demonstrate the contribution of psychology to an understanding of individual, social and cultural diversity
  • develop an understanding of the interrelationships between the core areas of psychology
  • show how the studies for topics relate to the associated theory.

Knowledge and understanding of research methods, practical research skills and mathematical skills will be assessed across all topic areas.

These skills should be developed by studying the specification content and through ethical, practical research activities, involving:

  • designing research
  • conducting research
  • analysing and interpreting data.

By carrying out practical research activities, you will manage associated risks and use information and communication technology (ICT).

Please note: one year courses are intensive and require independent study and research.


Method of study

You will learn online using our Moodle platform with guidance from your teacher who will support you. You will engage in stimulating discussions and online-based exercises to support your development and learning. You will also be required to complete work at home independently.

Method of Assessment

You will be expected to draw on knowledge and understanding of the entire course of study to show a deeper understanding of the following topics:

Paper 1

  • Memory
  • Perception
  • Development
  • Research methods

Paper 2

  • Social influence
  • Language, thought and communication
  • Brain and neuropsychology
  • Psychological problems

How it's assessed

Two Written exams, 1 hour 45 minutes each.

Each exam is worth 50% of the GCSE.

What Can I Do Next?

This GCSE is your gateway to a successful tomorrow. Attaining this qualification will allow you to progress onto further AS/A Level psychology courses, apprenticeships, colleges, universities and provide you with better job and promotion prospects.  

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